5 Housewarming Gifts That People Will Actually Use

Sonia Figueroa
Sonia Figueroa
Published on August 30, 2019

Gifts are great, and it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t want one. That said, not everyone you give a gift will end up using it. Imagine giving someone a lovely gift only you discover that they shelved it for the past six months! That may happen for one or two reasons; they don’t need it, or they don’t like it. We all have those gifts in the back of a closet or the bottome of a drawer. 

Housewarmings are a good reason to celebrate with your friends or family. Although it’s the thought that counts when it comes to housewarming gifts, if you want them to use it, you should consider their preferences. That said, you shouldn’t have to break the bank, simply choose something that they will need soon or something they’ve always wanted to get.

To help with your brainstorming, here are five housewarming gifts that most people will appreciate and use: 

Bottle Of Wine/Spirits 

A bottle of wine is an excellent gift to consider and has been the most popular choice for most people for a long time. But, you still have to pick a good bottle of wine that the receiver will like. Wines make for great gifts, and once you get the choice right, you better believe your name will likely pop up at some future event in that house! 

Also, a nice bottle of wine or spirit helps new homeowners relax after all the hard work they must have done. A fine bottle of Champagne goes with the mood of celebration, and you could also consider getting them a set of glass cups, so they don’t have to use their plastic cups. If your friends are already pretty established and furnished, even some fun drink markers can make a great addition of a bottle of wine! Think of all the get togethers they will now be having in their new home! 

CBD Oil 

Keeping up with times and how things have evolved, CBD oil is just about the perfect gift you can offer anyone. The ingredients used are simple and safe for consumption, even for pets. Further, these full-spectrum CBD oils come with a metered dropper in case you’re wondering if people receiving this gift will know how to put it to good use. As an unflavored oil, it is suitable for cooking and improves the taste of food. With key ingredients such as MCT oil and organically-farmed hemp, this oil is a gift that could help new homeowners build rich recipes. Who knows, they just might use it on the first day! CBD is also a helpful product for stress, anxiety, and sleep. Therefore, it is a gift that has multiple functions and can help with all the side effects of moving, buying a home, and sometimes even hosting a housewarming party. 

Since it contains no harmful chemicals, it certainly would remain a useful keeper. There are Other choices of CBD products that make perfect sense as house warming gifts. 

Works Of Art/Painting 

New homeowners appreciate anything that makes the new home more beautiful and stylish. Even the most carefree people who hardly use gifts would probably love to have a relatable work of art hung on a revered wall in their home. It’s an easy choice because works of art are beautiful and they complement the settings and decor of the home. Almost every home has one, and you’ll be saving them the stress of picking one later. Remember, paintings define a home, so you should choose one that fits the theme of the house. For instance, you could gift them new homeowners a nature-themed painting or –if you can – a portrait of themselves! That will certainly wow them, and of course, it will make the painting a keeper. 

For the work of art you want to gift, ensure it suits the taste of the homeowners since you don’t want it kept in the dark or somewhere in the basement where it is useless. It could be a feature of a much-loved object from their former home, a painting of their favorite pet, or a hand-made art that is reminiscent of something great in their lives like an event. 

Fancy Candles

Candles have been here a long time and still evoke a sense of warmth and that ‘homey’ feeling a house should definitely have, that’s why they make such great gifts. But, you don’t want to get any candle you come across, we recommend getting something that has a unique scent that lingers in a room. In simple terms, it has to be unique, and you can throw in a couple of other small stuff like a lovely matchbox! This gift can bring memories and help your friend or family member unwind after a long day of unpacking and trying to find new spaces for all of their things in there new home!

Furthermore, fancy candles are fantastic for special occasions, including birthdays and anniversaries. It may appear small, but you can be sure it will be used at some point if not immediately. Also, fancy candles won’t dent your pocket or make you look cheap, so it’s a win-win for everyone. 

Tool Kit

Doesn’t sound fancy right? Tool kits aren’t always the first choice that comes to mind amidst the array of gifts in a gift shop. However, every home – especially new ones – needs a tool kit! Tool kits or boxes contain essential tools to help homeowners put things together on their own. 

Tool kits have a variety of uses; they could need it to pull out a nail, hang wall arts or small clocks, cut some cardboard or use the flashlight in the dark. They can do all these quickly without the need to call and pay a technician. Hence you’re also saving the new homeowners some cash while you’re at it. Since there is no perfect house, the need to use your gift will arise eventually, and they will be very thankful for it. 

Tools such as hammer, chisels, nails, measuring tapes, wrench, screwdrivers, and a host of other handy items, are a must-have. Make sure your toolkit comes in a box so they can store their tools as well if they have any. If they already have a tool kit, buying them additional tools or attachments can be a great help during the moving process. No one wants to run to the store for one tool you need when you already thought you had everything!


Don’t stress too much about getting the perfect housewarming gift; make sure it is something that will be used based on the homeowner’s personality and preference. They now you don’t have to give them a gift so when you do, they appreciate the extra effort, especially if the gift is thoughtful, practical, or sentimental. Even just the simple gift of helping them unpack or move large pieces of furniture is enough. They really just want to enjoy their new space with you, that why you were invited over! 

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