5 Tips to Properly Dispose of Your Kitchen Food Waste

Sonia Figueroa
Sonia Figueroa
Published on November 13, 2018

5 Tips to Properly Dispose of Your Kitchen Food Waste

Have you ever discovered that your kitchen produces more waste than any other room in your home? This is the same case in restaurants where as expected, food leftovers are some of the biggest sources of trouble for many.

Proper disposal of your kitchen food waste is very important as it not only helps maintain hygiene but also leaves your kitchen looking tidy, smelling fresh and without uninvited guests such as rats and cockroaches.

There are right and wrong ways of disposing of different types of kitchen food waste but of the most important point to note is that when food starts rotting, it produces an environmentally dangerous gas known as methane. As such, you should know how best to contain this kind of a situation in order to save your environment.

In addition, it will be good to learn some of the best methods that’ll help reduce food wastage and other food-related items such as wrapping papers or containers. This way, you will be keeping your environment clean and green while at the same time saving a lot of money. That said, let us look at 5 tips on how you can dispose of your kitchen food waste properly and in a healthy manner:

1. Have a dedicated trash bin

After trying to minimize on food wastage in your home or restaurant, the next step is to have a trash bin that’s specifically dedicated for food remains. It is always important not to mix the food remains with other types of trash and especially that which is not biodegradable.

This is very important especially if you live in an apartment or places with no garbage disposals. It is however very essential for you to empty the trash bins after every few days to prevent it from rotting and producing a foul smell while inside.

This can happen very fast especially during the hot summer seasons and the rate of emptying the bins should be more frequent than other times.

Storing food in a bin for long could also brew germs and strong bacteria which could be harmful to your body and the surface. As such, always do a thorough cleaning of your hands and the surface where the bin rests especially if the been oozes some liquid.

At the same time, it is good to always make sure that the trash bin is locked completely to keep away rodents and scavengers that could easily terrorize you and your neighborhood.

2. Use composting method

Compositing is one of the best and most appropriate ways for disposing of your kitchen waste. It is actually the greenest of all methods and gives you an advantage in that the same food can be used as manure in your garden.

However, this method is only workable if you have some space and a garden where the food scraps can be used after compositing. You can use compositing for food leftovers, potato peels, egg shells and other items and once they are broken down, just spread them around your small garden.

As a matter of fact, this acts as a double blessing in that it helps you dispose of the unwanted food waste while at the same time giving you much-needed compost.

3. Use the food waste to feed animals

This method turns your waste into a profitable load especially if you have an animal farm. As a restaurant owner, you realize that a lot of food goes to waste and this could become burdensome for you. As such, you can organize with people around your place operation to have them collect the food waste and use it in their farms to feed pigs, goats, and other animals as well.

It is, however, important to be careful when using this method so as to avoid giving animals something that could be harmful to them. This may also call for a separation of different foods as not everything will be palatable to the animals.

This, however, should not be a replacement for your animal diet as it could be lacking some essential components that are necessary for growth and nutrition.

4. Use a disposal grinder

Using a “food waste disposal grinder” is also another great way of dealing with your kitchen food waste. This in return gives you valuable green fertilizer that can be used for the benefit of your garden plants. This method can be very effective when dealing with small bones, apple cores, celery, fruit pits, potato peels and dishes leftovers.

The aim is to grind or crush them into smaller pieces which can be dried or disposed into your garden. You can buy a grinder for your personal use especially if you have a load of kitchen food waste but always choose a grinder with several grinding stages in order to get finer results.

5. Work with disposal plants

Some kitchen waste can be disposed of easily in collaboration with recycling companies. This could especially be of great benefit to hotels, bakeries and big firms as it eliminates the burden of massive food waste disposal.

Once you prepare your best meals using your best recipe guides such as Village Bakery and others, the truth of the matter is that not everything will be consumed and reserved for the following day.

On top of that, you or your company might not have a composite pit to pour all the huge amount of leftovers or animals to feed. However, working with a recycling company will help deal with the mess and leave you growing your business.

Each of these tips will work great for different people or establishments depending on where one is situated or the volume of food waste to be disposed of. However, they are all safe and effective if used properly. Kitchen waste can be a nuisance if handled badly and could attract rodents and other disease-carrying pests. You can, however, keep these at bay by picking the method that is best suited for you.

Guest Post Blog Author: Molly Gerner

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