7 DIY Hacks and Ideas to Spice up Your Kitchen in 2017

Sonia Figueroa
Sonia Figueroa
Published on November 24, 2018

7 DIY Hacks and Ideas to Spice up Your Kitchen

This is a guest post article that is being shared by Alyssa Winters at www.topreveal.com. I will be giving some of my DIY input as well to make a collaborative read. – Enjoy!

Alyssa says “If you’re dying to change the look of your kitchen for quite some time now and is looking for ways on how to do it without having to spend so much money, well, we’ve got you covered. Here are creative kitchen remodeling ideas to help you make your new dream kitchen. “

I completely agree with her as of late I have been doing several DIY youtube videos trying to save home owners a buck or two. Contractors can be super expense and if you have the time why not do-it-yourself, right?

So let’s begin…..

1. Make Use of All Corners

Alyssa says “The first rule in remodeling any place is to not let any corner go to waste. That dead space in the toe kicks of your cabinet? You sure can make rolling cabinets for storage. Corner cabinets can be filled with pots and pans with the help of hooks. And the room under the sink can give you an extra 25% more space. A common tension rod, hooks and little baskets from your local store can do the trick for all things you have no place for.”

Agreed Alyssa. I have used corner cabinets not only to put my pots and pans in but for my canned goods and cleaning supplies and those odd ball kitchen gadgets. If you really have a tiny space, make use of your walls as well, like in this picture below. We will talk more on how to use your wall for extra space in tip #3.

2. Add Chalkboard Style Kitchen Signs

Alyssa says “Installing a chalkboard on a kitchen wall can act as your kitchen command center – a central point in the kitchen for leaving notes, collecting mails etc. Or you can use it to create permanent designs or kitchen signs for organizing pots and pans.”

I so love this idea I know there are several posts about chalkboards now-a-days but it really does help me keep a constant reminder of what I need to buy at the grocery store by having a constant list in front of me. The beauty about chalkboards are that it has many uses like Alyssa mentioned above. Some of the other uses include house rules, daily quotes, weekly schedules and recipes.

I have also seen chalkboards being added on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door where you can place a small message of love for your significant other. If you can, go for  a spicer look and add a metallic trim to your chalkboard piece.

3. Hang Your Knives on the Wall

Alyssa says,  “Do you hate your knife block? Or do you just throw knives in the drawer? Hanging all your knives on the wall with style can help you gain extra space in your drawer and give that aesthetic your kitchen needs.  Get yourself a magnetic knife strip or you can also create one if your woodworking skills are over the top.”

Personally I hate knife blocks, I think they are bulky and take up way to much space. Along with hanging you knives on the wall, you can also hang them up along a peg board. The decorology blog has a killer post on how to use a peg board for your kitchen.

4. Give Your Kitchen a Coffee Corner

Alyssa says  “Create a unique space for your morning coffee ritual by making a coffee corner in your kitchen. Place the coffee maker right next to a wall with towel racks of mugs  hanging on it. All you need for a quick coffee can be found in one place. ” 

I love coffee in the morning. That’s one of my early morning rituals If you are going to make drinking, coffee a habit why not fall in love with your french press or espresso maker? Make that corner of your kitchen like a Zen area where you indulge and have fun in the creative process of creating your masterpiece.

You can just simply spice it up, by  adding some coffee beans spilling out of a mason jar. If you find that too messy, then have a couple of mason jars with different color beans. You can also use creative sticker adding the name of the different bean types like “Guatemalan Sierra” or “Columbia Deep Dark Roast” 

Just remember you corner coffee station doesn’t have to be a drag. Add a personal touch like a picture of your family with matching coffee machine frame.

5. Maximize Every Inch of the Space

Alyssa says,  “Every inch of space you can get your hands into is important. All that free wall space can be setup with shelves that you can then fill with jars to make your counter top a little more spacious. Consequently, the look of your counter top and kitchen floor is important too. A new look for the kitchen would require pristine surfaces and floors. You can paint it new or use steam cleaners to help you. You can look and compare steam cleaners online to help you decide.”

As they say out with the old in with new! Make sure you declutter if you are trying to maximize your space. Even in smaller spaces, you can use under- shelf baskets:  jars can be stacked. Be efficient in your space. If you can add another cabinet or create a built-in for your microwave or coffee makers.

Here is a great piece from Better Homes and Gardens on examples of Storage-Packed Cabinets & Drawers. http://www.bhg.com/kitchen/storage/organization/storage-packed-cabinets-drawers/ 

 6.  DIY – Use the Tissue Box as Plastic Bag Storage

Alyssa says,  “One of the easiest DIY tricks you can do to help remodel your kitchen is by using the tissue box as a plastic bag holder. If you have an excessive of plastic bags from the grocery lying around the kitchen, dispense them in an old tissue box. You can easily pull one out every time you need it.”

This is a great hack. I can’t tell you how many plastic bags I accumulate when I get home from the grocery store. I  have also have tried, recycling bags but I always forget I have them in my trunk Duh!

You can also use a plastic container and create a, plastic holder. The video below shows you how to do this in many different ways.

7. Paint Wooden Spoons

Alyssa says “Give your old wooden spoons a makeover by painting them and adding them in your kitchen as display. And, they’re super easy to make! You just need to sand them down gently as they might have some rough areas. Wipe the dust away and start giving them the paint makeover they deserve.”

I really love this idea, which will give a pop of a color to your kitchen. You can use nail polish and, that blue paint tape to get the perfect line, or you can just dip them in paint. If you have little ones this might be a fun project for you and your family.

And lastly, Alyssa adds...

Create Pretty Colored Water for Your Vases

This easy and budget-friendly decoration might just be the last touch your kitchen needs. Simply add food coloring to the water in your vases and voila! You have your own beautiful piece in your kitchen. Just make sure you change them every two days.

There are lots of ways you can do to remodel your kitchen that aren’t that costly. You just need your creativity and patience to work together and you are sure to get your dream kitchen.

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