Anna’s Story: Working with an immigrant cash buyer

Sonia Figueroa
Sonia Figueroa
Published on December 23, 2018

Most people think that when you come to the United States illegally you cannot get a home due to your status but YOU can. I can only speak of my area here in Chicago and suburbs and from my own experience.

I was introduced to a Guatemalan lady named Anna by a past client. The first time I met her she reminded me of my own mother 4 feet tall, brown blotchy skin with a smile from ear to ear, she told me she came to the states 25 years ago and started off as a live-in nanny working for a greek family. At the time the babies were newborns a boy named John and a girl named Adrienne. They were a year apart in age. She learned the english language just by speaking with them and she would go to night school to get more practice.

As time went on they had rough patches as the children grew into adolescents and got into trouble but like any family they got through it. The years passed and Anna had that inner voice that always told her what would it be like to have a place of your own to be able to grow a garden, sit outside and barbecue, having a place to call your own. The biggest pain for her was that her father was getting older and was getting a VISA to come the United States very soon but she didn’t have a place for him, this for her was worrisome.

She had a doctors’ appointment and be friended one of the patients named Erica, which ended being the wife of my past client Agusto. I had worked with Agusto about 3 years ago and helped him buy an $80,000 property in the Englewood area. Anna and Erica started talking about general stuff but then the housing conversation came up and Anna jumped for joy that she would be able to get a home. See, the thing is that Agusto also didn’t have his legal documents or in slang terms “papers” but was able to buy a home with his residence card from his country and the fact that he was a cash buyer.  You would not be able to buy a home with a loan if you didn’t have the correct documentation.

So Agusto referred Anna to me and our journey has begun. She only has a sum of $45,000 in the bank so needless to say in Chicago some of the areas are rough where she is looking but that doesn’t deter her dream in owning a home. Sometimes we wish we had a mansion or a big home but people like Anna only desire the minimal commodities in just being able to bring her father into her own home something that she thought she could never accomplish. Although $45,000 doesn’t like much to many this is her life savings and this is everything she has.

She is a positive and courageous lady despite what people have told her that she can’t do it she continues to push forward.

She has allowed us into her life of finding a home and I have attached a video clip below. In my opinion,  there are choices you have out there no matter if someone tells you there isn’t keep asking and searching as there might be one you just never knew it.

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