First Time Home Buyer Kevin & Amber’s Story

Sonia Figueroa
Sonia Figueroa
Published on December 23, 2018

First time home buyers Kevin and Amber I meant them through a referral from a past client. They came to me thinking of buying a fixer-upper due to the fact they wanted to stay within a certain budget.

When we began our home buying journey they wanted to have been a home way before they got married which at that point it was two years out.

The first thing we talked about was getting there approval letter for financing so we knew what amount they could afford they were bummed out because they only qualified for about $180,000. The type of home they were looking for was going to be much more than that.


They were looking to be close to their friends in Chicago so we started looking near there home and all we kept finding were really bad fixer-uppers. They got discouraged and  eventually stopped looking. After a year in a half I got a message on facebook asking me if I can help them again.

I was glad to hear from them and since they had been through the process before they already had their pre-approval ready to go. This time they were financially set with more money in the bank as their downpayment was a lot higher and their job history was a lot longer. So they qualified for way more then they were expecting.

We started looking and found a rehabbed home that was to their delight. I submitted the offer and something quirky happened the seller had accepted our offer but as we were waiting for a signature back the seller received another offer after he/she verbally accepted ours. This does happen in real estate and since the owner had not signed our offer it was just a verbal acceptance the owner quickly signed the other one.

Bummed Out

My buyers were totally bummed out about and wanted to know if they could take legal action. They sure could but it would be costly so instead we continued to look at more homes. After looking at couple of homes they found another rehab which was way bigger with better craftsmanship.

The seller quickly signed off on our offer as we had offered list price with closing costs back to the buyer. This deal went much smoother, they did their home inspection and only a couple of defects were found. We closed on time and a couple of months later they were married.

The key to there story is even though they thought they found their perfect home sometimes its not meant to be.

What do you think of their story?

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