Why Mom Was Right About Me Hitting Start Broadcast: Periscope

Sonia Figueroa
Sonia Figueroa
Published on December 11, 2018

Where to begin as a Periscope broadcaster has been a game changer for me! Let me start by letting you know I am not a writer I am a fan of reading other blog posts and I love to write, but I got a “D” in writing class. So bear with me as I take you on my current 6-month journey of using the latest social media and business craze, Periscope. As Mom would say, “Try your best, honey, you are your worst critic.

So for those who don’t know what Periscope is, it’s a live video streaming app that allows you to view other people’s worlds from your mobile phone lens. I feel like it creates mini stories for each broadcaster. At first I thought this was silly, and I felt like I was talking to myself and just looking in a mirror. I didn’t know if this would be of any use to me or to my business but, as Mom says, “Don’t knock it before you try it,” so I did just that.

Every day I would scope my daily life, which is basically my real estate life from showing houses, to even crying on my broadcast, and that one was a tearjerker (check it out below). I was not proud of that moment but, like Mom would say, “You can’t hide your feelings; it will always come out.

I really thought nothing would come out of it, but I actually had a first-time home buyer send me an email and said, “I met you on Periscope; can you help me buy a home?” I scoped the beginning and the end of that transaction and we now remain good friends, so much so that I will be scoping their home upgrades.

You see with periscope you are 100% real it’s NOT reality T.V. it’s REAL LIFE emotions –  problems, issues, happiness, anger, motivation etc. I sometimes feel like I am in a vortex within periscope that have some awesome people that transforms and inspire lives. As my mom would say “you must put yourself in other people’s shoes“.

Aside from actually producing a living human being as a home buyer via Periscope, I have met some great people. People that I thought I would have never met like Kate Lance who has over 25,000 Twitter followers, 4,000 Periscope followers, over 6,000 Facebook followers. With all these stats I felt like she was unreachable, but you know what? She is just as human as I am, but with the power of Periscope I was able to meet her as if she was sitting next to me in my living room couch giving me her awesome social media tips. I would have never been able to that with another social platform. My mom would say, “Friends give value.” I never quite understood that one but I got it eventually.

Aside from Katie, I have also made friends with Doug & Ally @frameablefaces; they own a photography studio in West Bloomfield Michigan. Frameable Faces was created in 1999 to offer a wide array of photographic services for families, professionals, corporations, and high school seniors. I would have never met them if it wasn’t for Periscope, and we have talked offline over the phone, given each other advice on our websites, and talked about other  personal things as well. These guys are some great people who truly care about their community. As Mom would say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” I never did after she said that, and that has allowed me to be more open-minded about meeting new people, even if it’s someone I met through the lens of my mobile phone.

I haven’t been to New York yet but being able to see it through someone else’s eyes is totally cool. I met Jeongwoon Eun a.k.a @Tigerwon on Periscope as she was walking on her way to do an interview through the streets of New York. The views were amazing to me, as I have never been there, so I was hooked on watching her scopes. I also started chatting with her more and more on her broadcasts and one day she had a contest while she was interviewing Rebecca Michaels, who created Violet Love Headbands and guess who was one of the winners?! Little ‘ol me, and I was super excited because I

typically don’t win anything, but just the fact that I was acknowledged and she took the time to package it up and send it to me was enough to know that Jeongwoon is a super genuine person who cares about her community. We also had a heart-breaking moment when she scoped on 9/11 showing the wonderful commemorative memorial. Many of us know how awful this day is to remember and we had a moment of silence and we later spoke offline about it. She is a super sweet person and I am so glad I met her. I feel like we have known each other for years. As Mom always said, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

So, as you can see, I have met so many wonderful people on Periscope, people I never thought I would ever meet, and Mom was right about me hitting the “Start Broadcast” button. As she would say, “Good people still exist; sometimes they are just feet away.” In this case, they are one button away and it’s a red button that says, “START BROADCAST.

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