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Victor and his family - First time home buyer
Victor and Rosa needed a home due to their growing family. He gives you some tips on home buying.
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Luz & Miguel Compradores por primera vez
Luz & Miguel estaban buscando una casa barrata para arreglar. Tomaron un tiempo pero lo encontraron.
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Carlos Spanish testimonio en Espanol
carlos era un comprador con su esposa y querian comprar una casa. Lo lograron tomo tiempo pero estan contentos. Compradores de casa por primera vez
Seller Emil Recession hit! He sold LAND
If it ain't broke don't fix it. He wanted to sell his land in the crazy down turn of our economy, hear his story.
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Kim and Dave- going with your gut!
Does square footage matter? Ask ALL the questions you can! Make sure you do you research, they tell it all in this video
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Buying a fixer-upper? Advice First Time Home Buyers Mike & Jackie|Chicago
this couple Mike & Jackie bought a fixer upper and there is no problem with that however make sure you know what your getting into!
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Jesse & Greg advice in buying a house for the first time
Jessie really lets you know how it really is to find a home for the very 1st time.
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Buying a house in retirement age
I am so proud of Debbie, she is at the age of retirement and was renting her whole life. She decided enough was enough because the landlord was doing a condo conversion and wanted her out. She had been living in that apartment building for years but because the area was changing she was forced to move. She decided to rent no more.
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Irving & Candice Advice for First Time Home Buyers
They were renting for a long time and the landlord didn't keep up with the property. They were tired of it hence they became new homeowners. They let you know in the video what you will expect when you buy a home for the very first time.
Facebook Review - Karen Stevenson
Karen, single lady was looking for single family home where she didn't have to do much work to it at all. She found exactly what she was looking for on the south side of chicago.
Sonia & Baltazar - Advice for 1st Time Home Buyers
Baltazaar and his wife were looking for their first home and had many many questions. Even though the internet is full of information it can totally get confusing.
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Elisa - Advice for 1st Time Condo Buyers
Elisa is single lady and makes a living as a Chicago elementary school teacher. She loves her job and wanted to be close to her school. Buying a home was too overwhelming so she decided on buying a condo instead so she didn't have to deal with shoveling snow and mowing the lawn. Check out what advice she give click play on the link below for her story.
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Leo - Advice for Sellers of a Multi-Family
Leo had a 4-Unit in Mckinley Park and he had for over 20 years. He made great income but he was aging and it was time to let it go. He was tired of being a landlord. He gives advice to the public on selling. Click "play video" below to hear his story.
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Sonia Figueroa Google Reviews
Just google my name and the additional reviews will pop up.
Alexis Single Lady & Millennial - Advice for Young First-time Homebuyers buying a multi-family home
Alexis a young single lady inspiring to have an investment property. She was looking for a 2-flat and that was accomplished. Click "Play Video" below.
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Amazing Experience The Oquendo Family - Advice for First-time Homebuyers
First time home buyers Zeus & Rebecca. They needed to find some great schools for their children and just an overall affordable home since they wanted to grow their family. Click the video play button below to hear their advice.
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Daisy - Advice for First-time Homebuyers buying a Condo
Daisy is another single lady buying her very 1st property a condo in the Old Irving Park neighborhood. She works in downtown and needed an easy commute with walkable shops nearby as well. Click "Play Video" below.
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Gina - Advice for Seller's She sold her deceased mom's home
I helped Gina sell her mom's home unfortunately she had died a couple of years ago and everyone grieves differently. It was time for her to sell her items and also her home. See what advice she has for sellers click on "play video" below.
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